It was my first time

First time looking for a room in a total strange place, negotiating with a strange people.

Sorry for what happened today, think I was being too emotional.

I know you’ve tried your best, perhaps I’m too demanding.

I still love you, alot.



Merry Christmas

It’s an important festive season but I’ve no idea why I’m alone here in the campus.

Well, not really alone but emotionally perhaps.

I love you baby, wish we could be together.



Merry Christmas (A song I listen to every Christmas)

2017 Resolution

Still I remember last December I was depressed with how to break up. And this Christmas I am looking forward to see the man that I’m madly in love with.

Couldn’t be more thankful for having you, thanks for making my life so much different baby. The 12 + 8 hours Title just made me smile, it is indeed too long to wait, but don’t worry, I have quitted.

Well, 2017 is around the corner, feel so motivated to think about my Resolutions! What’s yours?

2017 Resolution:

  1. Graduate with Distinction from University of Northampton, alongside with a beautiful CV;
  2. Travel to the below-mentioned places:-
    – Italy (with Baby you)
    -Iceland (with Mommy and Fen)
    -Czech Republic
  3. Glamping alone with my favourite book
  4. Consistent and persistent work-out!
  5. Watch Paolo’s Concert with Baby
  6. Be emotionally strong and don’t be so grumpy that easily!

Well, in fact the first thing that came across my mind was to stay in a condominium with you, but I think we can only officially do it from 2018 😦

Tell me about yours and see if we’re on the same page!

The Meaning Of Life

12 Hours + 8 hours

Image may contain: one or more people and phone

You’re truly independent when you’re alone out there (Of course I am proud of it) BUT baby you don’t have to work so hard like that. Knowing you’re working the whole night without good sleep and coming home sick and tired is not I or even your mom wants baby.It is indeed worrying.

Now I could really feel the distance not because you and I are not talking or clinging to each other but the fact that I can’t support you monetarily and not there by your side physically to take care of you. 😦

The LONG HOURS of you working at night will jeopardize your mood, health and even your studies.

Baby please stay healthy. PLEASE!

I hope you don’t misunderstand me for asking you to QUIT the Job (That doesn’t make you a Quitter) Find a lite job instead of a job that kills you slowly. I know you may wonder like why others can do why can’t I  right?

We don’t have to do what others do or even being able to do what others do. They aren’t like you that just aim to pass, you’re aim is to excel which you can pretty sure do it.  I don’t want this to be a distraction for you baby.

I hope you will take this into deep consideration baby. I love you and I miss you a lot.

Happy 7th Month-sary! ❤

Feel so much loved

As always I’m grateful to be your girl. Well, I’ve to admit I’m not a good and qualified girlfriend thou. Overly emotional and at the same time not admitting that’s my fault even I’m being excessively emotional.

I love you a lot even thou I bully you alot, I do complain alot and at times being unnecessarily honest which just broke your heart like I don’t care.

I do care thou, that’s  why I’ve always felt guilty after hurting you.

Ups and downs we’ve been through we’ve stayed stronger baby, and we’ve been stronger as time goes by don’t we.

Don’t worry I’ll leave you or giving up on us, I won’t as long as you don’t.

Nah, Im not gonna post it until I’ve a good scenery to match with the good outfit!

Love you alot my Santa Claus, and i love the coat!

A small gift for you baby!

Hey baby, I really hope you like the present I sent.

A little something for you.  Do take a picture and send me and if possible upload it here? Meow!

I m pretty happy it fits you perfectly. I thought of getting XS but my heart said nah just take S!

Woooo~~~ ahhaha…. I miss you baby. Here you go #SOTD

P/s: Much Apologies for my poor writing which makes this page boring. I love you ❤

I wanna stay with you Until we’re grey and old

Baby I miss you. Exactly 2 months and 19 days.

We’ve been through many ups and downs but you still put up with me. There are many more months and days till we meet. I am working to get there to you, but it doesn’t just seem to be sufficient. I will never give up baby. I wanna be able to wake up next to you like tomorrow and everyday. The days will come and we will stay till we grey and old.

Typing this while looking at you and I can’t hold my tears. 😦 Don’t give up on me and us please. I love you ❤

I can’t and won’t stop loving you