Got rejected by Travis Perkins Plc!

Well, after the one-week-prep for the interview, yet i got rejected!

I’m not sure if this fits with my wish, but if you were to ask my feeling rn, i would say

Happy: 85%
Feeling I should be sad: 5%

Just a feeling that is this my weak performance or incapability?

But what they told me was: Fantastic presentation, very well-prepared and good structure, don’t have to worry about my presentation proficiency, I am the only one who was so prepared for the presentation. And when it comes to theinterview, I gave brilliant opinion about the gender requirement and mandatory requirements. But the way I have been doing things and I am doing things is different with Travis Perkins’ culture, as to work in Travis Perkins we have to deal with alot of ambiguity and unclear tasks, which might not be the same case as what I’d come across. It’s all about getting the right person for the right place.

So, I asked: is it because of me lacking of experience or whatsoever reasons?

She said no, we are not looking for someone with alot of experience for the internship, the way of doing things is the only reason for that.

SO! Probably this is the most beautiful rejection I’d ever come across!

Thank God for the opportunity, I really learnt alot from the interview!


It was my first time

First time looking for a room in a total strange place, negotiating with a strange people.

Sorry for what happened today, think I was being too emotional.

I know you’ve tried your best, perhaps I’m too demanding.

I still love you, alot.


2017 Resolution

Still I remember last December I was depressed with how to break up. And this Christmas I am looking forward to see the man that I’m madly in love with.

Couldn’t be more thankful for having you, thanks for making my life so much different baby. The 12 + 8 hours Title just made me smile, it is indeed too long to wait, but don’t worry, I have quitted.

Well, 2017 is around the corner, feel so motivated to think about my Resolutions! What’s yours?

2017 Resolution:

  1. Graduate with Distinction from University of Northampton, alongside with a beautiful CV;
  2. Travel to the below-mentioned places:-
    – Italy (with Baby you)
    -Iceland (with Mommy and Fen)
    -Czech Republic
  3. Glamping alone with my favourite book
  4. Consistent and persistent work-out!
  5. Watch Paolo’s Concert with Baby
  6. Be emotionally strong and don’t be so grumpy that easily!

Well, in fact the first thing that came across my mind was to stay in a condominium with you, but I think we can only officially do it from 2018 😦

Tell me about yours and see if we’re on the same page!

The Meaning Of Life


Today my baby achieved more than 100% than his target and I’m so happy!

Happy as in I’m really proud of it and happy for it as if I achieved the target.

I think when you really love someone, you’ll completely treat his achievement as your own achievement.

I’ve attended student ambassador today and got a 7/10 for the interview, hmm, not too bad.

But just slightly above average thou. :/

No matter what I’ve got the job! Be starting on this Saturday, and the pay is decent!

It’s £8.25 per hour!

So I’m getting busier, be working for the whole day on Saturday, which will be from 7.30a.m. to 9p.m. straight basically :/

I wanna save up and go home!!


I’m so happy that both of us did something meaningful and achieved something baby, just keep the momentum going and never stop pushing each other !

I love you as always!

Thicks and Thins

We’ve been talking about breaking through all the thicks and thins, but when it came to the point where we had to go through all these, was really tough.

Well, I really have to mark this down in the diary so that if in the future the same mistake repeats, I’d send him the link and beg for self-reflect without having to lecture all over again.

It’s nothing wrong thou, nothing wrong about loving someone, nothing wrong to be over-possessive towards someone you love, nothing wrong about jealousy, nothing wrong about being over-protective.

But one thing for sure is you should never doubt me, should never doubt that I’ve changed, or whatsoever.

Don’t ever say that you didn’t say I’ve changed, because I can assure you you did say that.

It’s been the 5th month for us being together as a pair of couple, and I’ve wanted to back to a productive person whom I used to be. And I strongly believe that if you find a true person, it’s a person who can back you up in doing whatever you want to do, and at the end of the day will still welcome you with his open arms.

What I want to do in my life?

I’ve travelled all the way to U.K., and there is one simple goal that I’m heading to: SUCCESS.

How to be successful?

I’ve been asking myself lately, and I realised that I’d not committed enough of my effort and time. I’m still lacking of network, lacking of knowledge, and everything.

Which makes me feel bad.

24 hours seemed to be insufficient to me, having to balance my studies and part-time work, and I’m still struggling to strike a balance.

I’m really grateful for having someone who will always be waiting for me to go back to him, and I thought I can be who I really am, because he’s the only one in the earth who knows exactly what I want in life and will whole-heartedly back me up in doing whatever I want to do, with understanding and trust.

Am I selfish?

But it seems like there’s lacking of trust between us?

I was so upset.

When there’s sufficient trust, there shouldn’t be any doubt, there shouldn’t be any questions, there shouldn’t be any fingers pointing each other, there shouldn’t need any explanations..

It took me quite a long time to stay back and think and about us.

Life partner, am I fit enough?


First month being apart

This is the first month for us being apart, 30 days just felt like forever.

After so many days of planning I finally made it true by going to the Church for a morning mass. Feeling so full and satisfied even though I missed the mass.

It’s a church in Park Avenue, further than I thought. Walked for 40 minutes approximately and I was finally there.

Sitting in front of the Mother Mary grotto I saw her smiling, as if she’s happy that I made it too.

I miss him, I really do.


Meaning of peace
My strength