Hi, how are you?

It’s almost been a month after touching down in Malaysia, in a place where I have been longing to live my life, ironically I have never felt so unsettled before.

Is this because of my progress on dissertation, our relationship or having no income at all? I couldn’t tell why.

We’ve had countless fights and hurtful blames, it’s 26/7 2:25a.m., you went for team dinner right after work, and texted me at 12:35a.m. You know I always believe on my sixth-sense, and this time it tells me that, we are practising, either to live a steadier life together, or to live a single life all over again.

Remember I’ve told you that I’ve missed single life recently, and the shock in your face made me a little curious. Tbh, don’t you miss your single life too? You don’t have to wait for a call, you won’t have any expectation, a life with no disappointments.

Rather than putting it as single life, maybe I should say I miss myself who are not so easily shaken.

I believe the day when I can be calm with whatever that comes to me, is nearing.