I miss you and I am sorry

Hey Baby,

I am sorry for what happened earlier. Recently I’ve been trying to get your attention. I am really stressed with work with that one project that I am bearing. I am sick of getting bombarded. Almost everyday, and I couldn’t find a way to solve it. I really feel incapable to cope with my work knowing that in another 3 days I will be having appraisal interview with my boss.
Having you is the best thing, but recently it’s hard to get your attention. I understand that you’re stressed there too with your dissertations and also assignments. Often when we are facetiming you’re on your phone. I tried hinting you by playing my phone too when on the phone with you but I don’t think you realize why I did that.
I have a lot in my head. My heart feels heavy. I didn’t want to let out because you’re so far away and don’t wanna burdened you with my problems as well. We’ve been comfortable with each other and baby I am like no other man that he thinks he will be happy when his gf/wife is away from home so that can have their time of their own. Every time you’re at work I’ll wait for you till you’re done and home safe then I sleep. ( Yes sometimes I slept off 😦 ) But baby. I still love you more than anyone else. I bring you wherever I go not because I am clingy but because I can and I didn’t expect that from you the same. But when you call to talk to me please talk to me. I don’t mind the time where we call and talk absolutely nothing because I know you’ve got things to do.
Recently I got jealous is because I feel like your friend Han is closer to you but I am not. We need to be how we used to be baby. Please.
I miss you and I miss us.
I am sorry for what I’ve done. I am sorry for times that I put you through. I am sorry for allowing tears to roll down your cheeks. ( I Felt like slapping myself just now)
I need hugs from you.

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