365 days

It’s been the 366th day since I knew you, and it is not easy for sticking with the same person over 12 hours per day on the phone, sharing about almost everything in life.

Still I remember when I started talking to you, it felt close, regardless how short the period we knew each other, i felt safe and secure, and you seemed to be understanding what I’d been through, and standing ahead of me. You wanted to know me as a person.

It’s been 366 days talking to you, and I think we completely know about each other, and we stuck there. Going through the daily routines, saying the same thing, the same dialogue, and saying things which I know what you gonna say before you saying it.

Guess the same thing happened to you too, when I said something.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I’ve got no idea, but I thought we wouldn’t.

You asked if I’ve lost interest towards you, I wouldn’t say I do, but I lost interest in the dialogue which we already knew what we gonna say, but we still keep saying it for the sake of keeping in touch.

Do I still get excited when you’re calling? I wouldn’t say yes, because that would definitely an insincere answer, I’m picking up and sometimes honestly I would prefer staying silence because my productivity was at its best.

Is that mean if I change the communication habit means that I dont love you, if that’s the case, I would be disappointed, because I really thought you would be up for whatever that’s best for me.

These few days I’ve been thinking of going back to a councelor for counselling service, but I dont know where to, I searched for different books and videos regarding studying and trying to dig out what’s the problem, but all these days i bet you never realised what bothered me, perhaps I am good at hiding it, or perhaps you’re not that observant anymore.

Okay, I should get back to my studies now, and I think we should really take a break, just a few days, trust me.

I have this thought if you would post something up here, and you really did. funny thing is we only post things up here when we ‘re arguing, which i dont think this is the purpose for us to set up this website.


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