Got rejected by Travis Perkins Plc!

Well, after the one-week-prep for the interview, yet i got rejected!

I’m not sure if this fits with my wish, but if you were to ask my feeling rn, i would say

Happy: 85%
Feeling I should be sad: 5%

Just a feeling that is this my weak performance or incapability?

But what they told me was: Fantastic presentation, very well-prepared and good structure, don’t have to worry about my presentation proficiency, I am the only one who was so prepared for the presentation. And when it comes to theinterview, I gave brilliant opinion about the gender requirement and mandatory requirements. But the way I have been doing things and I am doing things is different with Travis Perkins’ culture, as to work in Travis Perkins we have to deal with alot of ambiguity and unclear tasks, which might not be the same case as what I’d come across. It’s all about getting the right person for the right place.

So, I asked: is it because of me lacking of experience or whatsoever reasons?

She said no, we are not looking for someone with alot of experience for the internship, the way of doing things is the only reason for that.

SO! Probably this is the most beautiful rejection I’d ever come across!

Thank God for the opportunity, I really learnt alot from the interview!


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