Feel so much loved

As always I’m grateful to be your girl. Well, I’ve to admit I’m not a good and qualified girlfriend thou. Overly emotional and at the same time not admitting that’s my fault even I’m being excessively emotional.

I love you a lot even thou I bully you alot, I do complain alot and at times being unnecessarily honest which just broke your heart like I don’t care.

I do care thou, that’s  why I’ve always felt guilty after hurting you.

Ups and downs we’ve been through we’ve stayed stronger baby, and we’ve been stronger as time goes by don’t we.

Don’t worry I’ll leave you or giving up on us, I won’t as long as you don’t.

Nah, Im not gonna post it until I’ve a good scenery to match with the good outfit!

Love you alot my Santa Claus, and i love the coat!


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