I love you.

Baby I am sorry for not writing here. But I am here baby writing like finally.

I am sorry for all that I’ve put you through. While you’re learning how to strike a balance in life there I am sorry to add in to be a burden.

I want to start off by telling that baby you’re looking more beautiful everyday. Not just the appearance but inside out.

I writing this to let you know how much I love you. It’s been almost the second month baby, 57 days living almost 10,000++km away from each other. Although we are physically far away from each other I can feel you so close to me. **Just sometimes I could feel the distance because, you being too cold on me***  I know you still love me and I still love you more 😛

Baby, ever since we got together I had a feeling that our lost souls found each other. And I decided not to let you go regardless of whatever reason because I know I don’t just like, attracted, or whatever you name it but I know I am in LOVE with you.

I planned to love you through all poor, rich, sick, disabilities and I mean it. It’s a feeling that I never actually felt before and when I felt it, I am sure it is from you.

You’re definitely one in a million baby.

They are times where we all made mistake but know we will learn from it. They are times we feel insecure but we should give each other the assurance that regardless of what there’s nothing or no-one can come in between us. Heartbroken/ disappointments/ anger/ trust/ and many more. **Just too many to list out** All of those is prominent when it comes to relationship, anyhow we are all humans  **Sad to say we are humans** we need a constant reminder of that for us baby. I hope I am doing it right.

I am sorry for being obsessive but that’s just me. I am sorry for being possessive but that’s just me. I trust you but no one there around you. **HEH** 

Baby all these happened, I will still wait for you for you have made me a better person I will want to do that the same for you too baby. Don’t work too hard because that’s not why you go there. Talking about you saving up for travelling, we can definitely travel more and further. Don’t stress yourself too much, take it easy. 🙂

The days when you don’t talk to me after quarrelling just make me restless. The days you don’t talk to me makes my day so blue. I told you but you told me that’s just your way of dealing with it. Just don’t make it too long baby. Please 😦

There are many crooks out there, YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL, many will come along the way. Beware of them. I am a guy with many guy friends and from all sorts of guys that you haven’t met, all of them I know. I know how they think and their intention. Not judging but that’s just my two cents and you know it never fail me. Distance yourself with guys baby. Yes, Im not against you having guy friends but sometimes there are some things I don’t like you doing.  I’m sorry but that’s the truth about me baby. Ask me if you want to know more 😛

But I believe the ship we built together is strong enough to sail through the storms of seas. 

I love you as I always do baby and I will always be there spiritually/mentally for you always. I don’t want you but I need you baby. Take care and be safe.

**Thanks for forgetting my BIRTHDAY** 😦

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