Today my baby achieved more than 100% than his target and I’m so happy!

Happy as in I’m really proud of it and happy for it as if I achieved the target.

I think when you really love someone, you’ll completely treat his achievement as your own achievement.

I’ve attended student ambassador today and got a 7/10 for the interview, hmm, not too bad.

But just slightly above average thou. :/

No matter what I’ve got the job! Be starting on this Saturday, and the pay is decent!

It’s £8.25 per hour!

So I’m getting busier, be working for the whole day on Saturday, which will be from 7.30a.m. to 9p.m. straight basically :/

I wanna save up and go home!!


I’m so happy that both of us did something meaningful and achieved something baby, just keep the momentum going and never stop pushing each other !

I love you as always!


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