Thicks and Thins

We’ve been talking about breaking through all the thicks and thins, but when it came to the point where we had to go through all these, was really tough.

Well, I really have to mark this down in the diary so that if in the future the same mistake repeats, I’d send him the link and beg for self-reflect without having to lecture all over again.

It’s nothing wrong thou, nothing wrong about loving someone, nothing wrong to be over-possessive towards someone you love, nothing wrong about jealousy, nothing wrong about being over-protective.

But one thing for sure is you should never doubt me, should never doubt that I’ve changed, or whatsoever.

Don’t ever say that you didn’t say I’ve changed, because I can assure you you did say that.

It’s been the 5th month for us being together as a pair of couple, and I’ve wanted to back to a productive person whom I used to be. And I strongly believe that if you find a true person, it’s a person who can back you up in doing whatever you want to do, and at the end of the day will still welcome you with his open arms.

What I want to do in my life?

I’ve travelled all the way to U.K., and there is one simple goal that I’m heading to: SUCCESS.

How to be successful?

I’ve been asking myself lately, and I realised that I’d not committed enough of my effort and time. I’m still lacking of network, lacking of knowledge, and everything.

Which makes me feel bad.

24 hours seemed to be insufficient to me, having to balance my studies and part-time work, and I’m still struggling to strike a balance.

I’m really grateful for having someone who will always be waiting for me to go back to him, and I thought I can be who I really am, because he’s the only one in the earth who knows exactly what I want in life and will whole-heartedly back me up in doing whatever I want to do, with understanding and trust.

Am I selfish?

But it seems like there’s lacking of trust between us?

I was so upset.

When there’s sufficient trust, there shouldn’t be any doubt, there shouldn’t be any questions, there shouldn’t be any fingers pointing each other, there shouldn’t need any explanations..

It took me quite a long time to stay back and think and about us.

Life partner, am I fit enough?



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